Regardless of the purpose of the Mental Relief sessions, you should keep in mind that they are detox-based. The Mental Relief counseling we offer you is the reflection of a holistic/integrative (complementary/holistic) support trend that is spreading around the world. Counseling with the mental relief method has a history of more than 35 years and it has been proven that these supports do not have any side effects.


Mental Relief therapies (Spiritual Relaxation) is a support method that strengthens your will to carbohydrates and sugar, making it easier for you to lose weight and transition to a healthy eating pattern.


Mental relief sessions are a supportive method that has no side effects and can be used in many situations. The purpose of the sessions is to initiate a “relaxation” process on a cellular basis with the help of the energy used. It can also be defined as regulating “cellular memory” against the toxic substances and nicotine contained in cigarettes. Although the effects of the sessions usually start immediately, at least one night/7-8 hours of sleep period must pass in order for the decrease in cigarette desire to be clearly felt.