Emotion regulation and Tomatis® Method

If we perceive the importance of moving to maintain our body, we do not always realize that it is also important to maintain the brain. This is by stimulating the brain by sending sensory messages that the brain energizes and relaxes us. As the ear is the most important passageway of sensory messages from the human body, one can easily understand its role. This stimulation may be impaired when the brain triggers a protective mechanism. This mechanism can occur after a traumatic time event called “emotional shock”. The brain also tends to progressively protect itself when the external environmental assaults. This may be the case of those facing a reorganization of the pace of life, increased responsibilities, disorientation, social pressure.

The Tomatis® Method acts on the limbic system (middle part of the brain) to which the hearing system is connected. This part is, among others, responsible for mechanisms of emotion, memory and learning. Furthermore, the body inner ear called cochlea acts as cortical load. Thus, by its action on the limbic system and prefrontal cortex, the Tomatis® Method will intervene in the regulation of emotion disorders related to depression and anxiety. It will also have an effective direct action on the regulation of stress.