CogoLand is an attention training program for children aged 7-12, using Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) game and neurofeedback technology.

Elementary 1-5. Attention, Focus and Development Exam for Grade 1 Students

Each mental game and multiple choice test consists of 10 English and 10 Mathematics questions.

At the end of the 24-lesson program, there are 240 English and Mathematics questions in total.



It allows your students to feel more comfortable without taking the exam.


How we use our attention determines our lives. It helps your students to increase their attention in the most efficient way in exams and they stay away from simple mistakes.


Since they have a good preparation period before the exam, they are away from the stress and anxiety that may occur during the exam.


Concentrating helps our students to focus their attention, direct all their perception mechanisms to their work, and maximize their mental comprehension.


They will not only allow them to be successful in exams, but also experience the effect of success in their lessons and in their private lives.


CogoLand is a patented digital attention training program based on:

Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology was developed after ten years of extensive research.
It uses BCI-based games to help children focus better and has been shown to be effective and deliver solid results in large-scale randomized clinical trials involving 172 children with ADHD.

Portable Kit

Neeuro has packaged the solution with a portable kit that is easy to use and works independently.
This kit consists of a wireless EEG headband “Neeuro Headband” and the CogoLand mobile app.

Reading Brain Waves

Pairs the CogoLand mobile app and the Neeuro Headband via Bluetooth. EEG signals are monitored safely and passively through this connection.

Perception of Mental States

Machine learning algorithms capture a person’s mental states based on their EEG signals and then manage various challenges within the game.


At this stage, the specialist will introduce the training program.
This work process will include setting up, training program and calibrating a personalized attention model for each participant.

Educational program

The dates of the training program will be agreed between the expert and the participant, spread over 24 sessions.


This calibration session will create a personalized attention model for each participant. This calibration process will be supervised and guided by the expert.


The specialist will explain the details of the program, its purpose, training program and other relevant information and instructions

Ready for Education

After login, programming and calibration are complete, the participant is ready to start training on the CogoLand mobile app.


The training phase is conducted through BCI play sessions, supervised by the expert or the participant’s parents throughout the training programme.

Tie the Neeuro Headband

To get started, the Neeuro Headband must be connected to the CogoLand mobile app before starting each training session and worn for the duration of the training.

Select Session

In the training menu, the sessions are made available according to the program set. Participants are encouraged to attend sessions regularly according to the schedule.

In-Game Session

Each training session consists of 2 game activities. Each activity has a duration of 10 minutes and has different levels of difficulty. Some sessions include an additional test exam.

Post Session

After completing a session, the results are shown and updated in the system. Details of upcoming sessions are listed by schedule.


Game activities are classified into 3 difficulty levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. The difficulty level increases as the participant completes the different training sessions.


Via BCI, the participant moves the avatar according to the focus level. The more focus, the faster the avatar moves. The participant can also tap on the on-screen controls to activate other gestures such as jumping and flipping. These movements are necessary to fulfill the objectives of the game activities.


The participant needs to focus on the avatar to reach as far as possible.


The goal at this level is to collect as many fruits as possible from the designated list while maintaining the focus of attention.


Similar to the intermediate level, the participant now needs to collect as many fruits as possible, but in the correct order.

Multiple Choice Questions

Each multiple choice exam consists of 10 English and 10 Mathematics questions. Participants are given 30 minutes to complete the test.

Education Progress

The Progress menu allows participants to compare their performance in various sessions, helping them understand their progress and areas for improvement.


At the end of each activity, participants can review their own performance. This helps him understand his progress and identify areas for improvement.